Strontium titanium oxide (SrTiO3)

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Strontium titanium oxide (SrTiO3)

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Other Names and Identifiers

Other Names for this Substance

  • Strontium titanium oxide (SrTiO3)
  • Titanate (TiO32-), strontium (1:1)
  • Strontium metatitanate (SrTiO3)
  • Strontium titanium trioxide
  • Strontium titanate (SrTiO3)

Deleted or Replaced CAS Registry Numbers

12594-59-1, 855791-67-2, 868389-75-7, 885482-41-7, 1360713-17-2, 1705582-50-8, 1800464-72-5, 2241503-48-8